About Us


Gurkha Palace is a fine Nepalese restaurant, specialising in Nepalese and North Indian Cuisine. We pride ourself on providing quality food and service since year 2000. Our hard work to produce quality food and service been recognised by several local and national awards various times over these years. Nepal is a tiny beautiful country between India and China. It’s a birthplace of Buddha, home of legendary Gurkha soldiers with the very diverse land scape ranging from Highest Mountain in the world to lowland with sub-tropical climate. It is a country with very vibrant culture and traditions. Here at Gurkha Palace we try to preserve this uniqueness and simplicity by combining different traditions and culture from all corners of the Country to provide finely cooked food. Nepal being sandwiched between two vast countries of the world India and China, some of the cooking is influenced by both the countries despite this Nepal has a culinary culture of its own.



Our Services

Treat yourself for every specials occasions to simple night out


Birthday/Wedding Party

We have a seating capacity of 56 people with very specious and comfortable setting.Our restaurant id popular for all small and large party to to match up with your requirement to make your party a memorable one. Please enquire at the restaurant for more information.We can organise a perfect set meal to match your test bud

Corporate entertainment/Team Building

Bring your business client to make them special by treating them at this very special and unique restaurant specially someone visiting from outside Folkestone will be a real treat to discover Nepalese cuisine at its best.Or if you want to bring your office team for team building with a treat