Gurkha Palace is a fine Nepalese restaurant, specializing in Nepalese and North Indian Cuisine.

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    Ultimate dining experience like no other
    Gurkha Palace is a fine Nepalese restaurant, specializing in Nepalese and North Indian Cuisine. We pride ourselves on providing quality food and service since year 2000. Our hard work to produce quality food and service been recognized by several local and national awards various times over these years. Nepal is a tiny beautiful country between India and China. It’s a birthplace of Buddha, home of legendary Gurkha soldiers with the very diverse landscape ranging from Highest Mountain in the world to lowland with sub-tropical climate. It is a country with very vibrant culture and traditions. Here at Gurkha Palace we try to preserve this uniqueness and simplicity by combining different traditions and culture from all corners of the Country to provide finely cooked food. Nepal being sandwiched between two vast countries of the world India and China, some of the cooking is influenced by both the countries despite this Nepal has a culinary culture of its own.






    • Every time I go to this restaurant I can't help but to have the same thing, this has never been the same in any other restaurant!! The staff are great in every way always a great experience with family , friends or a romantic couples night out.
    • We haven't been here for a while and thought it had improved on our last visit (which was good). The portions seemed bigger and the menu whilst keeping its Nepalise focus also accommodated more common curry dishes. The staff were helpful.
    • Fantastic lunch Went here for lunch with my Nepalese colleague who said this was the best Nepalese restaurant around. The food was delicious and the staff were wonderful. The Momos were to die for. I have found myself craving momos almost every week since. Had a really tasty lunch, took some momos to go and headed back to work to share the momos!
    • Excellent meal friendly service. Alternatively cuisine served by friendly staff. We dine here regularly and have always had a great meal. Plus if you have a gourmet card it's 2 for 1 on your dishes.
      Roger C
    • Not a promising start. This is a restaurant situated in a housing estate rather than the town centre. But PLEASE persevere. The location is forgotten once you are inside and receive a warm, friendly welcome. The Gurkha menu is wide ranging and varied but would be familiar to most regular eaters of Indian food. It was absolutely delicious and very reasonably priced.

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    97 Enbrooke Valley
    Folkestone CT20 3NE
    01303 257700

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    Monday Closed
    Lunch: 12.00 Noon-2:30PM
    Dinner: 6.00PM-11.00PM