Gurkha Restaurant, Nepalese & Indian Restaurant offering Gurkha, Nepalese and Indian Cuisine, Folkestone, Kent

Nepal is a tiny, beautiful country between India and China. It’s the birthplace of Buddha, home of the legendary Gurkha soldiers and the Himalayan Kingdom where Mount Everest’s smiles together with the people. It has a culinary culture of its own. Here at Gurkha Palace we are a specialist Gurkha Restaurant Nepalese & Indian Restaurant, we try to preserve this uniqueness and simplicity by combining different traditions and cultures from all corners of the country.

Gurkha Palace Gurkha, Nepalese & Indian Restaurant brings you service with courtesy and grace, instilled over centuries of tradition. For us, taking care of you is a sacred duty. Its part of our cultural heritage and that is as old as the Himalayas.

Our chef was trained and gained vast experience in quality restaurants across Nepal and has many years making fine Gurkha, Nepalese and Indian Cuisine